Terminal Management System

TMS is Alcinéo’s solution to handle the payment terminals management.

Alcinéo has designed a scalable terminal management system that enables POS providers to drive securely their terminals’ fleet.

The solution has been built around 5 modules that can be added or retrieved without modifying the software architecture.


Featuring a user friendly interface, customer can manage easily the user access level and the associated rights. In line with the main network communication protocol, Alcinéo’s TMS solution is a comprehensive remote terminal control tool.

It enables POS manufacturers to update securely the deployed fleet with new application or firmware.

Additionally, thanks to its state monitor module, it supports a real time device management. Just access anytime and anywhere to the payment terminals on the field and offer to the merchant a proven and reliable customer support service.

Technical Overview

  • Remote key loading
  • Fleet Management
  • User interface
  • Update service module

Main Features

  • All client system compatible
  • Multi access, multi level
  • Status report and heartbeat monitor
  • Remote maintenance
  • Update on the field
  • All communication protocol supported

Support and Services

  • Documentation
  • User training
  • Commissioning