EMV® Contactless Suite

Secure Contactless Payment Suite


Alcinéo’s contactless kernel is a fully featured library that enables a terminal device to process contactless payment transactions. It is fully compliant with the EMVCo contactless books and payment scheme specifications. EMVL1


Communication Stack for Contactless Reader

Alcinéo’s EMV CL1 is a protocol stack for contactless readers. It implements the reader side of the ISO layers and the contactless payment specifications released by EMVCo. EMV CL1 is a lightweight, highly portable software library that enables a device to process low level contactless payment transactions.

Technical overview

  • Supported protocols :
  • ISO 14 443 A&B
  • Mifare
  • ISO 15693
  • NFC (-A, -B, -F, -DEP and ISO-DEP)

Main features

  • Portable & compact
  • Fast implementation
  • Modularity
  • Fully featured
  • OS free
  • Ready for certification


Technical overview

The EMV CL2 Kernel Application implements both the EMV contactless transaction processing intelligence and the low level features needed by the Kernel to manipulate TLV data structures and perform cryptographic operations. The utility library gathers utility modules that simplifies the handling of specific data :

  • APDU : encapsulated an APDU of the application layer protocol as a part of communication with the ICC
  • TLV – coded object
  • Data Object : items of information
  • Language : defines the required language
  • Type conversion message : data conversion function according the transaction process
  • Objects’ list
  • Payment application layer

Multi-layered architecture

  • Entry Point layer, compliant with the modular architecture promoted by EMV Co [Book B]
  • Payment applications
  • EMV contactless kernel
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer

Main features

  • Portable & compact : completely written in C with a clean and portable design
  • Rapid portability : thanks to a well designed interface, porting can be completed quite easily
  • Modularity : modules can be added, altered or substituted without modification of the other components
  • Fully featured : it implements all the features needed for contactless payment transactions
  • Payment applications : PayPass, payWave, D-PAS, ExpressPay, J/Smart, CUP contactless, EMV Co [Book C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7]
  • Environment : Windows™, Linux, Android or bare metal
  • Ready for certification : pre-validation and end to end testing process

Support & services

  • Technical consulting
  • Full support during certification process
  • Custom tailored implementation
  • Dedicated terminal configuration tool
  • ICS