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Specificities of contactless payment in transit

Why contactless payment integration is a major challenge for transport operators?

Open-loop payment systems offer many benefits to all players in the transport ecosystem :

  • reducing operational costs
  • increasing new revenues opportunity
  • improving users’ travelling experience

It is crucial to manage the particular features of contactless transactions in the transit environment and to understand the data security challenges to build convenient and reliable payment solutions dedicated to the public transport network.

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EMV transactions at automated fuel dispensers

The challenges of securing electronic payments at automated fuel dispensers.

Whereas data security is at the center of concerns in all sectors, electronic transactions at automated fuel dispensers are still exposed to skimming and fraudALX payment terminal for automated fuel dispensersulent attacks.

Alcinéo partnered with ALX Technologies to design a fully integrated payment terminal, dedicated to gas pumps. The white paper describes best practices to implement EMV technology at the pump and mitigate the risk of data theft.

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