Extend payment offering with regional and proprietary kernels

The number and volume of cashless transactions has constantly rised these past years, due to the emergence of technologies such as NFC, the expansion of EMV® chip cards, and the growing number of domestic and proprietary payment systems.  

eftpos-posIn this context, POS terminal manufacturers’ crucial challenge is to develop innovative, secure and interoperable Point-Of-Sales systems, implementing EMV compliant software and embracing PCI Security Standards Council’s requirements

Alcinéo’s solutions are developed in accordance with the latest standards of payment and security. Alcinéo’s software technology has been developed in C language and suit a wide range of Hardware on OS. Either Linux or Bare Metal, the payment software provided by Alcinéo brings the most ubiquous solutions on which POS manufacturers rely to build the next generation of smartcard acceptance device.

Using Alcinéo’s software suite enables POS manufacturers to shorten their development lead time and is a fast track way to certification.

Build your own solution

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At a glance

Configurable kernel

Optimized memory footprint

Logical PCI PTS package

Prequalification Process

Bespoke support during certification process


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