PCI PTS POI software package

Alcinéo’s PCI software package is a bespoke set of software modules that helps terminal vendors to achieve easily their PCI PTS POI certification. Most of the payment terminals that accept card transactions ought to comply with PCI PTS POI requirements and be approved by the PCI Security Standard Council (PCI SSC). These requirements are designed to protect the cardholder against fraud. They offer a secure way to enter the PIN Code as well as to store and manage these high sensitive data. tableau-PCI Alcinéo’s offering has been tailored to suit perfectly the current PCI PTS POI logical requirements. It offers a full and comprehensive documentation to help customers along their evaluation process. Additionally, Alcinéo has set up a specific process that provides the right guidance for the terminal vendors during the mandatory code review.

Technical Overview

  • Secure download of the applications
  • Anomalies checking
  • File management
  • Cryptographic computation
  • Secure access network
  • Key’s structure management
  • Secure boot loader
  • Cryptographic algorithms , countermeasures

Main Features

  • Scalable, functionalities may be added according the project’s scope
  • Bespoke solution based on customer’s constraints
  • Source code available

Support and Services

  • Technical consulting
  • Documentation
  • Support during the evaluation process


  • Point Of Sales
  • Mobile payment
  • Encrypted Pin Pad
  • Pin Pad
  • Unattended payment terminal
  • Payment readers