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Specification bulletin EMV® contactless Book C2

The organization in charge of global EMV® technology and chip card payment interoperability, EMVCo, has released a new specification bulletin for EMV Contactless Book C2, referring to Mastercard contactless kernel MCL. 

The new bulletin SB 203 describes modifications and clarifications brought to Book C-2 v 2.6. 

Starting January 1st 2019, kernels developed according EMV specifications Book C2 must integrate these changes. 

To obtain further details on this specification bulletin, you can refer to EMVCo website, or contact your Alcinéo representative. 



Get started for MCL 3.1.1

The 3.1.1 release is comprised of MCL contactless kernel C-2 v2.6 and the MasterCard proprietary application selection. 

Avoid delay and contact us to get the MCL 3.1.1 kernel and start your product certification on your right time. 

MCL 3.1.1 will be mandated from March 1, 2017. 

Feel free contact your Alcinéo representative for further details. 

MasterCard contactless specification MCL 3.1

MasterCard has released its new requirements on contactless reader and terminal approval. 

From Friday 1st of July 2016, any contactless reader submitted for approval must comply with the MasterCard contactless reader 3.1 (PayPass) specification. Contact your MasterCard representative for further details, or visit MasterCard website.

Alcinéo already offers the MCL 3.1, including datastorage and RRP (Relay Resistance Protocol). 

Our device testing environment is now fully compatible with MasterCard testing environment. 

Ask further information at : info@alcineo.com