Manage the complexity of software implementation, payment and security standard requirements, cetification process and POS lifecycle management. Our team of experienced engineers supports you at all stages of your projects.

Technical consultancy

  • Training sessions for technical of integration support
  • Workshops for project scope and implementation features
  • Documentation

Software development

  • Development on many OS and many platforms
  • Proactive approach of market trends
  • Support for silicon providers’s reference designs

Q&A testing

  • ISTQB certified engineers
  • Dedicated testing tools
  • Up-to-date and compliant test cases and test plans


Alcinéo testing tools

We have the necessary tools to perform pre-validation campaigns, reproduce accurate test cases, simulate end to end transactions and configure terminal functionalities. 

Alcinéo SDK

Alcinéo SDK includes dedicated tools to help POS developers to easily integrate their payment application, provide accurate testing environment to the lab, check terminal behavior before the production phase.


Alcinéo ensure a world-class support service not only through the certification process, but also  alongside the terminal lifecycle, till after deployment. 

  • Bespoke warranty period
  • Payment application integration 
  • Dedicated Q&A testing campaigns
  • Helpdesk services
  • Download of kernels/application updates
  • Maintenance and support contract