Alongside the smartcard payment drive adoption, Mobile payment paves the way to extend cashless transactions.

Mobile payment is dedicated to accept card payment transactions. According to the major payment schemes, mPOS solutions based on EMV chip & PIN have to use an EMV Level 1 and Level 2 compliant hardware.

Several technologies can be considered to ensure mPOS transactions.

For contact, either the EMV kernel is embedded into the final platform or the Chip & PIN kernel can be located into the cloud, meaning the full transaction is performed in the cloud. Then the connected reader is only a light peripheral.

If the acceptance device is contactless capable, then Level 1 contactless is required as well as the appropriate payment application, such as MasterCard MCL, Visa payWave or ExpressPay from American Express.

Build your own solution

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At a glance

Scalable kernel based on customer configuration

PCI PTS POI compliancy package

Dedicated application interface to populate efficient end customer payment application

Bespoke support during certification process

C kernel, Java server solution


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