Today, newest vending machines are high-tech unattended point-of-sales that, with the use of a smartcard, dispense a wide range of products.

It is all about convenience. Consumers can access to products or services at any time, at any place. The snazzy machines are now a strong growth area and require state-of-the-art payment technology as well as they need to ensure full security of the payment process.

Thus IT kiosks and vending machines have to ensure a safe secure network connexion that enables, not only, to send the data outcome from payment process, but also to grant a secure access for application upgrade or customer support.
From contactless payment to dedicated EMV kernel, Alcinéo is a strong partner for companies that develop Kiosk and vending solutions.

Not only Alcinéo provides payment solutions, but its security expertise helps manufacturers to build the most achieved secure machines.

Its world-class support enables customers to provide 24/7 available service and a secure-oriented software upgrade.

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Configurable kernel

Easy to integrate

Suitable for standard connexion protocol

PCI PTS POI support

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