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Are you up-to-date with EMVCo Contact L2 v4.3f?

EMVCo has released an update of Contact Level 2 Type Approval documentation, effective from the 1st of March 2017.
From now on, EMV terminals submitted to Contact level 2 certification at an accredited laboratory shall be tested according the new version 4.3f of testing documents and processes (test plans, test cases, ICS, administrative process).
Keep in touch with your Alcinéo representative to obtain further details.

Visit EMVCo website to have access to all the related documents and processes. 
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Live demo at Mobile World Congress

MWC is the largest dedicated event for mobile technology, taking place in Barcelona, Feb 27 – March 2 2017.

During the show, a live demo will be showcased on Trustonic booth, Hall 6 – 6I40. Visit their booth and find out how a smartphone turns into contactless card reader.

Alcinéo’s PayWave kernel embedded into the Trusted Execution Environment from Trustonic in a smartphone or tablet,  offers the same level of security as a traditional POS, either during offline or online transactions.

The TEE payment solution allows merchants to process EMV transactions without compromising cardholder data confidentiality, using their own smartphone as a contactless teminal without the need for an add-on.

Try it on Trustonic booth 6I40, or contact Alcinéo team to obtain further information.      

Get started for MCL 3.1.1

The 3.1.1 release is comprised of MCL contactless kernel C-2 v2.6 and the MasterCard proprietary application selection. 

Avoid delay and contact us to get the MCL 3.1.1 kernel and start your product certification on your right time. 

MCL 3.1.1 will be mandated from March 1, 2017. 

Feel free contact your Alcinéo representative for further details. 

On release – EMV Level 1 contactless specification v2.6

Are you compliant with 2.6 EMV specification ?  

From January the 1st 2017, EMVCo mandates to support the EMV Level 1 contactless specification 2.6.

Alcinéo’s EMV contactless stack is fully compliant with the 2.6 release. Moreover, the contactless firmware has been tested against the PCD digital test cases, version 2.6b, mandatory, starting from 1st February 2017. 

Visit EMVCo website to access the related documentation.

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Apply to test our Terminal Management System demo

Presenting Alcinéo’s TMS Solution, the tool that can help you to easily and remotely manage your fleet of terminals ; upload applications, update the firmware, manage key loading or key injection.

Access easily through a friendly web-based user interface. Identify and control each device.

The modular structure of our solution allows you to organize, monitor, and optimize the terminals easily.

Grant your access to our Demo.  dashboard-tms

Please fill-in the required information :

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your TMS project timeline*

After submitting the information above, you will receive a link to connect to Alcinéo TMS web interface, with a login and password.

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Webinar in partnership with Trustonic – 6th December

Alcinéo shares its EMV and payment software expertise, to provide, in partnership with Trustonic, the most innovative solutions.

Our contactless payment applications are implemented into the Trusted Execution Environment of a smartphone or tablet, ensuring to merchants and their customers, the most convenient smart-payment experience.

Mrs Christelle Carbonnel, sales manager at Alcineo, will speak on this topic during a webinar led by Paul Butterworth, Strategic Marketing Director at Trustonic. 

This webinar will take place at 2pm GMT / 3pm CET on Tuesday 6th December.

To register, please go to

Girocard kernel now available

Starting mid 2016, German banking authorities have mandated the support of the contactless functionality. 

Alcinéo has developed the Girocard kernel’s functionalities, to be integrated into its standard kernel architecture. It consists in the EMV Book C-2 process flow and a dedicated application selection. 

Further details @ :


A dedicated tool for mPOS testing : Android DTE

Because electronic payment uses today ubiquitous devices, POS TABLET solution becomes more and more popular. As a result, POS vendors involved in this advanced payment field need  to have the right tool to validate their implementation.dte-tablet

Therefore, Alcinéo has released a new version of its Device Testing Environment, running on Android platform.mpos_dte

Alcinéo’s  Device Testing Environment is a proven tool that not only helps to develop payment applications but it is also a perfect tool to set the right environment for certification purpose.

Further information at :

Now on release, ExpressPay 3.1 software stack

Alcinéo announces the availability of its new ExpressPay 3.1 software stack. American Express has released this specification earlier this year including the innovative DRL, or “Dynamic Reader Limits”.

DRL is a set of contactless Reader Limits, which define contactless transaction limit, floor limit and CVM required. It can be used instead of AID reader limits.

Additional information on the specification and certification process are available at or directly with Alcinéo’s sales representative at